Bluehost vs Dreamhost Compared

If you were hoping to have a web hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, you’ll probably end up disappointed with Bluehost. However, you can get about 350 GB of upload and upload speed is about 3 Mbps. Bluehost has also got a unique feature known as WordPress Hosting, which allows you to deploy your WordPress websites for higher performance, which gives you a lot of control over how your site loads across browsers and devices.

In comparison, Dreamhost offers unlimited bandwidth, 500 GB of storage space, 1 TB of data transfer speed, 1 TB of disk space and 2 TB of disk space. Dreamhost has a lot of interesting features like GoFlex Storage, IPv6 Web Server, IPv6 Support, Windows Admin Panel, and Reseller Hosting Plans.

Hosting Features

Dreamhost is pretty much a web host of choice among many users as they are providing some amazing hosting features. You can create a website and get some great hosting features to get your site out there. On this website, you can set up a website in a flash or in one minute or two.

On this website, you can get technical support and you can ask for a free support ticket. You can set up multiple websites on Dreamhost and you will get about 3 GB of upload and 2 GB of upload speed. This is about 10% more than Bluehost’s upload and upload speed.

Getting Access to Bluehost’s Features

Getting access to Bluehost’s features is pretty easy. You can use a company like, which offers a free, unlimited domain and unlimited email accounts. In comparison, Bluehost has a pretty good deal. You can get free domain and domain renewals.

You can also get free email accounts from a number of other hosting companies and you can get a free domain and free email accounts. In comparison, Dreamhost offers a free domain for two years and free email account forever.

For a more complete list of features, check out Hosting Manual’s detailed Bluehost review.

Easy Setup

Getting access to Dreamhost’s features is very easy and simple. You can set up your website in a couple of minutes. On this website, you will be able to connect to a free domain and you can create a website and get an email address for free. To install WordPress, Dreamhost provides WordPress hosting. This can be installed easily.

So, the setup time of Dreamhost’s features is pretty much instant. In comparison, Bluehost has a lot of dedicated servers for WordPress, so you will have to wait a little longer to get your website up and running.


Bluehost has some awesome features which include Bluehost File Storage, CloudFront, Fast Server Scaling, WP Auto Backup, Automatic Backups, Cloud Storage and Cloud Hosting. On this website, you can configure your website in about 15 minutes. Dreamhost has some amazing features as well such as File Storage, Dreamhost Manager, File Storage, Cloud Hosting, Windows Admin Panel, Windows Support, 1 Year Email Warranty, Free Amazon Web Services, and Dreamhost Support.