MyHorizonHosting Recommends

Let’s be honest, no matter how good the content is, if we have a web host that is not reliable, the whole online work is unstable. So what can someone looking for a web host do to decrease the chance of this unwanted situation? Of course chhose the right web host.

Go to the Source

So now, instead of showing you some web hosts, I’d like to recommend a place that can be a good resource for quality web hosting reviews. I like this website because it looks to me that the reviews are quite honest, they really say what they think about each web host they review.

Check the Groups

Another good thing is that companies are grouped into different types, so if one is looking for example VPS hosting, then he/she can head up to their VPS hosting section and there will be a ranking from web hosts that have VPS. Same with any other hosting types.

Currently their database of web hosts is not that large, but they are expanding, there is a new web host added like every week, so you should check them out.

Be Picky

Of course there are quite some other web hosting review sites, but most of these are not provoding real value, you cannot learn from their reviews about the web host.